Commercial Disputes & Mediation

In normal commercial disputes we would highly recommend that you firstly explore the negotiation and then the mediation option. We would also recommend that a mediation clause be considered when drafting most new business contracts, where appropriate.

Why Mediation?

Because in our experience mediation works!


Even when it doesn’t work on the day, it nearly always assists in moving matters towards a conclusion.

Mediation – Why Does It Work?

You retain control of the process at all times.

It is confidential

It is Flexible

Its Costs are usually less than going to court

It can help you maintain business relationships

The outcome or resolution arrived at is ‘limited only by your imagination’

It is proven to be effective.

It can be done quickly and the Courts like it.

We will be happy to assist you with any aspect of commercial matters that involve ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolutions).