“ we found CB Robinson’s Legal Health Check invaluable, it was really worthwhile doing it and we would highly recommend it ”

Declan Coughlan, Director, Multiplex Engineering Limited

Legal Health Check


As part of our commitment to a pro-active, hands-on approach, we have developed a legal audit for your company; we call it a Legal Health Check. We use this to ensure that you are complying with all your legal requirements, making it much harder for someone to sue you successfully! It takes the form of a questionnaire, where we ask you a series of questions relating to all aspects of your business and then we produce a report for you on the risk areas that we have identified.

The LHC will help ensure that you are meeting all your legal requirements and assist you in identifying and managing your business’s legal risks.

Your company’s focus should be on getting your business up and running, getting your product to market, cash flow, making sales and keeping your costs down! Our legal health check will assist you to ensure that your focus is on these issues and not distracted because you haven’t complied with one of the many statutory or regulatory obligations which ends up costing you time and money.


What is a Legal Health Check?
It is just like a medical health check for people. It is a diagnostic tool that we use to help businesses in order to minimize their risk, litigation and expense and assist them to identify and meet their legal obligations.


Why should we get one?

‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’

Ben Franklin’s famous quote is more valid today then ever before, for the modern business. The LHC will help ensure that you are meeting all your legal requirements and assist you in identifying and managing your business’s legal risks


What does it consist of?
You will be asked a series of questions in relation to all aspects of your business, including how your business is run, employment issues and debt collection. This will allow us to identify typical legal issues that are affecting your business and we will then produce a report for you that highlights the problem areas. This can be done over the phone or preferably in person, so we can get a feel for your business.


How much does it cost?
A typical Legal Health Check costs €300 + VAT, however this figure will be confirmed to you at your initial consultation.


How long does it take?
We would expect to provide you with your Legal Health Check in 2-3 working days after we have received all the required information from you.


What will I get at the end?
A document summarising your company’s legal health, which highlights potential problem areas that need to be addressed based on the information supplied.


What if I want to have the problems highlighted fixed?
We offer generic and low cost effective solutions to most of the usual problems that arise on a fixed price basis with no hidden extras.


We will also be happy to quote for tailored made solutions designed specifically for your company, in advance.

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